PepSep is a company producing and selling high quality accessories used in nano-LCMS applications, especially in Proteomics.

The production builds on well-established procedures and many years’ experience combined with new inventions and improvements.

PepSep has a range of standard columns covering most Proteomic applications. The columns are available either as a “raw” column or with connections for easy and reliable connection to the HPLC system and the emitter.

Use our Column configurator to get prices and part numbers for the columns you are looking for.





As connections are key to get the best possible chromatographic performance when running nano-LCMS  columns, you can visit at the connection guide page, where you will find suggestions for unions and fittings giving proper connections between the PepSep columns and connecting lines/emitters.

Chromatogram from 100 fmol BSA run on a PSC001, 15 cm, ID50 µm packed with 1.9 µm beads.

The gradient was run on an EASY-nLC1000.

Gradient 5-35% in 10 min, 35-100% in 2 min and then 8 min with 100% ACN