PepSep Sprayers


PepSep Sprayers

PepSep Sprayer 1 for e.g. the Flex source

PepSep Sprayer 2 for the EASY-Spray source

The PepSep Sprayers are new spray units making connection between the column, emitter and liquid junction safe, precise and reliable.

The sprayers combine the nanoConnect fitting on the columns and the new emitters, with integrated liquid junctions, in a true zero dead volume connection.

The sprayers come in two different designs. One can easily be connected to e.g. the Flex source and the other has a design so it can be used with the EASY-Spray source.

Both sprayers use the same exchangeable emitters.

The Emitters

The emitters are positioned in a steel stub in a way so the inlet of the emitter is precisely aligned with the back of a steel stub.

This makes it possible to apply the high voltage to the solvent, via the stub, in a zero dead volume connection.

The emitters are either made of stainless steel or fused silica.

All emitters have a uniform inner diameter which is 30 µm for the stainless steel and 10 or 20 µm for the fused silica emitter.

The tip of the emitters are finely polished to give perfect tapered tip.

The emitters are shipped in a protective sleeve which secures a safe positioning in the sprayer.

The PepSep Sprayer 1, PSS1

The PepSep Sprayer 1 connects easy to the XYZ manipulator on e.g. the Flex source from Therrmo Fischer.

It has a inner metal union which connects the column and emitter, with the steel stub, in a zero dead volume connection.

The high voltage is applyed to the internal metal union via a banana plug..

The PepSep Sprayer 2, PSS2

The PepSep Sprayer 2 connects easy to the EASY- Spray source from Thermo Fisher

The internal metal union connects the column and emitter, with the steel stub, in a zero dead volume connection.

Installation of emitter and column in the Sprayer

Position the emitter in the sprayer. For safe installation it is recommended to leave the protective sleeve on during this operation.

Connect the column and remove the protective sleeve.

The sprayer is now ready to be positioned in front of the mass spec and connected to your LC system


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